What We Have Done

Prize-Winning Projects

The Tokyo Trial (directed by Masaki Kobayashi) was awarded the Special Critics’ Award at the 1985 Berlin Film Festival; Stuart Varnam-Atkin was the main narrator of the English version and BBT worked on rewriting the script. Since then, BBT has been involved in many projects that have won Japanese and international awards—providing the narrators and often the script translation as well. Here are some of them:

2023 Digital Eye Ukraine: The New Satellite War
(NHK BS1 Special, NHK-World Japan TV)

- Intermedia-globe SILVER Award on News Reports and Features/Investigative Report (World   Media Festivals Hamburg 2023 Television and Corporate Media Awards)


Isamu Noguchi’s Unfinished A-Bomb Cenotaph
(TBS Sparkle NHK)

- Galaxy Honors (Incentive Award)
(Japan Council for better Radio and Television in Japan.)

2015 Sefa-Utaki, Nanjo City, Okinawa:
World Cultural Heritage
(Toppan Printing Co.)
- Toppan Printing President's Award (Video subtitles translation)
2014 Roots Aroma Black TV CM
(Japan Tobacco Inc.)
- AdFest 2014 FILM LOTUS Broadcast Category Silver Award
2009 Begin Japanology: Dogs & the Japanese (NHK World/Educational) - NHK Presidentís Prize for Educational Broadcasting
2009 Shirasu Jiro (Pt.1. “Becoming a Country Gentleman”)
(NHK Special Drama)
- 64th National Arts Festival Excellence Award (TV division)
2005 Unprecedented Fabrication (NHK International) - Creative Excellence Prize, America International Film Festival
- Best Science Program, Banff Rockie Awards
Magician Maggy Shiro (NHK Enterprises 21) - The Governor of Tokyo Prize (Educational Issues), The Japan Prize 2004.
- Silver Screen Prize, America International Film Video festival, 2005
2003 The Manual of Perfection: #1 Sushiko (TV Asahi) - Emmy Show (USA) Final Four Nomination.
2003 Marina (NHK) - The Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Prize (Adult Education Category), The Japan Prize 2003.
2002 The Wonder of Clouds (NHK Educational) - Winner of The City of Basel Award, Basel Karlsruhe Festival 2002.
2002 Africa in the 21st Century: South Africa and Zimbabwe (NHK) - Mayor of ?adcaís Prize, 12th ETNOFILM Cadca 2002 (Slovakia Television)
2001 Sadako Ogata: Ten Years with the Refugees (NHK International) - Highly commended, UN Documentary Film Awards.
2001 My Life as an Ant (NHK Educational) - Winner of The Minister of Foreign Affairs Prize, The Japan Prize 2001.
- Childrenís Award, Wildscreen 2002, Bristol, UK.
2000 You Haven’t Heard Anything Yet (International Eiga) - Gold Camera Award, US International Film & Video Festival, Arts, Music Video Documentary Category.
1999 Hi-tech, High Hopes (International Eiga/Ministry of Foreign Affairs) - Prize-winner, Nihon Shokai Eiga Video Concours.
1998 The Mystery of the Loggerheads’ Pacific Journeys (TBS) - Science & Technology Agency Directorís Prize, The Japan Prize 1998.
1998 Endgame (documentary on Peruvian hostage crisis) (NHK) - Silver Nymph Prize, Monte Carlo International TV Concours.
1995 Children of Haiti (NHK International) - Commendation, Cannes Documentary Festival.
1995 Images from Nagasaki (NHK) - First Prize at 1996 Monte Carlo International TV Concours.
1992 I’m Just a Little Old Lady (NTV) - Award-winner, San Francisco Documentary Film Festival.
1990 Postcards from the Battlefield (NHK Radio Japan) - Winner, ABU Prize for External Broadcast Programmes.