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Educational Materials

For many years we have helped publishers and recording companies with the production of educational materials and textbooks, writing, translating, editing and recording in various formats: books, cassettes, CDs, CD-ROMS, DVDs, etc.

WALKING WITH WRITERS (Hoso Daigaku/Open University of Japan)
(15 programmes x 43 mins. Textbook with CD available)

This 15-programme TV series was broadcast from 2016 to 2020. Written and co-presented by Stuart and Atsushi Iguchi, it featured English writers and locations associated with them and their works. Each programme included location footage shot in England in 2015.


A WILD PRONUNCIATION CHASE (Hoso Daigaku/Open University of Japan)

Stuart was the co-presenter and co-scriptwriter with Atsushi Iguchi on this series focusing on the pronunciation of English which was broadcast on Hoso Daigaku until March 2016. The series provided lively explanations and practice of many aspects of English pronunciation, and each programme included an interview with a native English speaker from a different part of the world to discuss their particular pronunciation. Stuart also read many items from the programmes on the CD.

JISSEN EIGO ’10 (Hoso Daigaku/Open University of Japan)

In 2009, BBT was closely involved with the scriptwriting and on-camera work for the English series Jissen Eigo (10), which was broadcast for five years on Hoso Daigaku until March 2015. Each programme consisted of two main parts: study around extracts from a famous old movie (e.g. Casablanca, Rebecca, The Third Man): and a comic skit section in which Stuart appeared with the two instructors, Kaz Oishi (The University of Tokyo) and Atsushi Iguchi (The Open University of Japan). Stuart played a different character in each of the 15 programmes, including a location reporter in Kagurazaka, a famous artist only interested in circular things, a quiz show contestant, and two weather forecasters. He also provided some illustrations used in the programmes,